Newborn Baby Shoots

If you are considering having photos taken of your newborn baby, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Firstly if it is something that you DEFINITELY want, I  strongly advise to contact us well in advance of baby’s arrival as they can only be photographed within the FIRST TWO WEEKS of baby’s birth!

A lot of couples miss the boat as they aren’t aware of this, so please if that is something that you really would love to capture, do get in touch early!

We can not carry out 'newborn' shoots beyond baby's first fortnight - this is because after this period baby is far more alert, awake and also larger in size, which means that it just is no longer feasible to carry out specific newborn poses.

Beyond the first fortnight, whilst we can't carry out newborn related portraits, we can still photograph standard baby portraits if they are really wanted by the parents.

Generally, after the newborn phase the next key time to photograph your child would probably be at 6 months old.  This records their growth, and also presents parents with more variation for photos; baby can then normally support their head upright whilst lying on their tummy, sit up un-aided and also display far more expressions for capturing their personality.

It's all about planning

Don't be one of the parents that missed the boat!

If you're pregnant do not leave the decision regarding this photography until baby arrives, as by then it will quite possibly be too and or at worst a rushed procedure.

When baby arrives your life and routine is turned upside down, and those first couple of weeks fly by whilst you adjust to this new chapter in your lives.

You will not have the time or energy to then start organising a photo shoot, it will be the last thing on your mind at that period, and it just will not materialise.

If you genuinely want to record this beautiful little person in their miniature form, then please do drop us a line now and inform us of your due date, and we can then discuss availability and be aware that you will be looking to book a session in when the time comes.

Obviously it’s impossible to book an actual slot in prior to baby arriving as we never know exactly when baby will be born until they are!

If we at least have confirmation of your due date, that means that we can then provisionally be put on alert in preparation for a shoot around the due date.

Then once baby does arrive, you can then notify us immediately, and we can then assess the diary and assign a date for you within that first fortnight.