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Model Portfolios & Fashion Experience Photoshoots

Are you an aspiring model? If so you will need a portfolio of images that will showcase your potential to an agency in a bid to show that you might have what it takes to work in the modelling world.

Or maybe you're a teenager who's keenly into their fashion and fancies some funky portraits?

Either way, we can help you create some edgy and fashion styled portraits for a portfolio and or just for your own personal pleasure.

Consultation regarding the style

Firstly we will liaise with you about the style of portraits and fashion and modelling that you're aspiring to be, as there are so many different genres out there.

This will then influence your clothing choice (we recommend that you have 2-3 changes to give you a nice variation of images and styles) and also potentially where we will conduct the photoshoot.

We'll also recommend that you seek a make up artist and hair stylist to ensure that you look flawless for your photoshoot - we don't provide these, but if you're stuck for any recommendations please ask us as we've worked with a few over the years at various things like weddings and other special events, so would be happy to pass on some contact details.

The location

Again, this is something that we'll discuss with you at the consultation stage.

A location will have to tie in with the style of modelling that you're aspiring too, as the style of the location must marry up with this for the portraits to work.

Locations can vary greatly in styling, but we also have to account for permissions of use (if applicable) and also how busy they might be at the specified time of the shoot as to how feasible they would be to use.

The photoshoot

The photoshoot itself would be approximately around an hour in length, and would involve portraits at multiple places within the chosen location.

The portraits would be a mixture of full length poses as well as more tightly cropped variations - including a selection of headshots too.

As previously mentioned we would advise bringing 2-3 changes of clothing to give a good variation of styles and images.

The end product

After the photoshoot all images would be edited and receive a small form of retouching (this being skin smoothing, enhancement of the eyes and removal of any distracting skin blemishes.

All images would be provided as high resolution JPEGs that can be downloaded via an exclusive web gallery.

We can offer you professional printing services should you wish to additionally have a hard copy portfolio - something that if you are genuinely considering trying to get into modelling on a serious level would be a worthwhile purchase.

We are happy to discuss those options with you, along with any other form of products should your family members maybe like to purchase any wall art or desktop products.


Pricing for this service is broken down as an all-in-one price, which will depend on whether you have the photoshoot on either a weekday or weekend:

(Mon-Fri  |  Off-Peak)

Session + Digital Files = £299


(Saturday  |  Peak)

Session + Digital Files = £349

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