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Green Screen Photography Services

This is a relatively new area of photography that we're introducing to both the portraits and commercial sides of the business.

The technology has been widely used throughout the cinematic (films such as Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter) and sporting (Skysports football) industries for a few years now.

Whilst they concentrate on using green screen for video/film, the principle is still exactly the same for us still photographers - we photograph our subject against a chromakey green background which then allows us to extract the backdrop using special software, giving us a cut-out subject that can then be dropped into a composited image.

So how does it work?

The key to making a successful composited image using this technique is fundamentally dependent on the lighting of both the subject and also the green screen.

As the photographer we have to make sure that these are lit properly, firstly so that we can successfully extract our subjects precisely (including subtlety in and around intricate areas such as strands of hair being especially key to this) and secondly that when we then composite the subject into a background or design of our choice that the lighting of the subject and the scene exactly match to make our eyes and mind believe that the image is realistic and not a composite.

An example of where this technique is often used and not lit or carried out to a professional level like this are photobooths and magic mirrors that you see at weddings and events, they use a similar technique but the lighting is not engineered to the same level, which is why there is a huge difference between their end product and our own.

Who would this service be of interest to?

This service would certainly be of interest to the following;

The corporate sector (branded headshots and team shots)
The sporting sector (athletes portraits, player portraits, team photos)
Families with sports/themed mad children


Companies and businesses that would like branded and consistent headshots and team photos - offering something completely different to the standard headshots and team photos currently out there on the market.

We can colour, use your branding or any specific look or theme to the background of any headshot or team photo, providing you with a bespoke solution for your whole team of employees.

With the team shots, we know that this is normally a nightmare - any team photo dates very quickly due to frequent employee turnover, meaning that some companies either don't bother with these photos and or have to conduct and perform a new team shot each time there is a new member or someone leaves... something that is neither productive or cost effective!

Our solution is that with team photographs, we will photograph each team member individually, and then composite a team photograph together from all the resulting individual photos!

Not only can we make this look authentic and realistic, but it means that in the future, when a team member leaves, we can just delete them from the photo and re-arrange the line-up, and or if a new employee joins we photograph them and add them to the existing team photo.

No more having to call the whole team in for a photo each time there is a turnover of staff!

If you would like us to help your company with your photographic needs through this streamlined and fresh approach to employee and team photographs, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would be extremely happy to assist.


This is a sector that we have enjoyed a lot of success with thus far, having rolled out this service to winter sports clubs such as junior football and rugby clubs in particular over the last two years.

This model works brilliantly and has proved incredibly popular with the children, offering them photographs that make them feel like the professional players - seeing themselves projected and featured in backgrounds that reflect their own club's branding and also incorporating personalisation with their own names too.

Like the above corporate sector, all team photographs are created using the same technique of photographing each child separately, then compositing them all together as one complete team, to look like they were photographed as one photo.

This approach is invaluable, especially for very young children - you would NEVER normally get say seven 5 year olds to ALL stand still, stand arms folded, facing the right way, and smiling... it's an almost impossible task, unless you photograph them individually like we do!

Contact us to discuss the possibilities with your sports club or organisation, we can cater for any sport and also things such as dance, cubs/scouts/brownies, sea cadets - basically anything that has a branding or identity we can create bespoke backdrops for personal individual portraits and also team/group photos if desired.


If you have a child that has a specific interest in something, whether it be a sport like football, ballet, fairies, superheroes or anything else that is themed - please do get in touch.

We can always create a themed photo shoot based around something like this, and we can photograph your child in a costume and or outfit that is appropriate for the desired theme, and we can then create a background to suit to give you a bespoke portrait that they will adore that is based around their interest.

Please drop us a line to discuss the possibilities.


If you're running an event, maybe a charity ball, and or a fundraiser that has a theme or an identity, we can provide portraits that incorporate your branding and or a theme or design.

This can also apply to say community fairs, maybe like a winter/frost fair, portraits can be offered to the attending public and families incorporating a winter or festive design, possibly offering other such things as family portrait photos for personalised Christmas cards.

We'd be happy to discuss any ideas and or opportunities that could work.