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Cherish the dress photoshoots

The affordable solution to wedding photos!

This is a relatively new concept in the UK, with the origins coming from the USA.

It is a lovely idea though, and provides some valuable options to brides who maybe didn't have a professional photographer on their wedding day and or worse than that, weren't happy with the images that they received from their photographer!

So if you were unfortunate enough to experience one of those two awful scenarios mentioned above, fear not, this service will provide you with an affordable solution to capture some stunning bridal portraits of you in your wedding dress to correct that loss.

Or maybe you just fancy another occasion to wear your dress and grab some more photographs of you looking amazing in the most stunning and expensive dress that you have ever worn?

So what does it involve?

Basically this is an opportunity for you to wear that beautiful dress of yours again - the one that is probably buried at the back of your wardrobe and or has now been placed in the loft?!

The photoshoot can be conducted purely with just the bride on their own, and or also featuring with their other half so that the portraits are to be taken as a couple (we can of course take individual portraits within the session too should singular portraits be wanted as well).

Where would the shoot take place?

The shoot would be conducted at a location of choice - either somewhere that means something sentimental to the couple, and or if not a location that the photographer recommends as being suitable to provide various photographic backgrounds.

This would be discussed with the photographer in advance - ultimately it would depend on any restrictions or permissions required, but most public places are generally acceptable.

The end product

A cherish the dress photoshoot would normally take around one hour, and this would yield typically somewhere between 10-20 full colour mages (which would double up when adding the black & white conversions to those).

There are several choices for the end product, depending on your preference.

These range from just receiving the high resolution digital files, through to additionally purchasing loose prints and or an album.

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