Business Headshots

First impressions count

As the old saying goes "you only get one chance to make an impression on someone" so how you make that first impression is fundamental to how someone may view or judge you, your business or your values.

That's why when you go to a job interview you look your best, you want to give yourself the best chance of landing that job and you want to stack all the odds in your favour - yes how you dress probably isn't important to the role that you're applying for or your ability to do the job itself, however it sends the message that you are professional, you are dedicated and you are serious about applying and wanting the role on offer.

With this theory being pretty much widespread throughout most professions and walks of life, it therefore amazes me when people discard this outlook with their business!

So what is the difference between the two?  The answer is, there actually isn't, and this is where the problem lays.

In theory your website and online presence has become just as important if not MORE important than your physical presence of meeting clients, as these are most likely your biggest source of leads to new business!!!

Quality branding needs quality photography

Your branding of your company sets the tone for how you want it to be interpreted - what does your branding say about your business?  I'm sure if you've hired a graphic design or marketing consultancy they would have spent a lot of time and effort in researching every aspect of your brand identity and who your target audience is.

With this in mind, if you have invested in overseeing a professional branding of your company, in all due respect your photographs need to represent those same values and quality to reinforce that message, otherwise there is a conflict and you're just weakening the impact of your branding.

Your photos need to reflect you and your business positively

Your photographs should reflect that you're professional, that you're trustworthy, reliable, proven, personable - all the big influences that people want to see when they're deciding on hiring someone and or a company to carry out a service or some work for them.

If that client is drawing up a shortlist of candidates to select from, you can bet the website or social media page that features the professional branding and photography will visually out-trump and persuade the client's subconscious over the other(s) that have the weaker brand presence or amateur/cheap stock photography.

The 10-15 second rule

It's generally claimed that customers will spend on average just between 10-15 seconds on a website to attempt to find the content they're searching for and or make a decision about the quality of the company/service on offer.

If they can't find the information and or don't like the first impression of the site and the branding, they will be straight onto the next person in the google search results, and they won't be coming back to you any time soon!

This is why it is imperative to stack all the odds in your favour and ensure that you're doing all you can to convert your traffic into a customer that is going to hire your services.

Selfies, holiday snaps and office photos under tungsten lighting...

Some of the most common offenders of business headshots in general on websites and in particular professional social media pages are photos that are either;

• Selfies (you'll even find that some have probably been photographed in a large mirror of a public toilet!)
• Holiday snapshots of them
• An amateur has used the office camera to take employee portraits directly under horrible orange tungsten lighting (making the subject look like they have the skin of the Tango man) and against a whole array of different and messy office based backdrops

Take your pick, but they all equate to the same poor and unprofessional first impression that you should not wish to project to your potential customers!


• We can come to your office/location

• We can photograph against White, Grey or Black plain backdrops for more conventional styled headshot portraits

• We can also photograph subjects in specific locations within the working environment to create more environmental based headshot portraits

• We have just launched a new form of headshot service using green screen technology to create bespoke backdrops and branded images for businesses that want something more unique and different - find out more here

• All photos are provided in both full colour and black & white versions

• Costs are worked out at a charge per employee - the greater the volume the more competitive the rate per person