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Album Shortlist

The default albums that we provide with our platinum wedding package are a 30 paged storybook product.

These are high quality hand-made albums that are produced in Italy, and will provide you with a stunning keepsake of your big day.

The internal pages are thick weighted lustre photographic paper, which gives a luxurious and rigid based page.

The standard cover finish for this product is either leather (with names debossed into the front) and or hardback (with full photo coverage on front and rear sides of images of your choice).

We can also offer further choices of alternative cover finishes such as metal (with an image of choice printed onto the metal) which provides a more contemporary option.

Pleased note that if you opt for a cover that features a photograph (hardback or metal covers) - you will need to inform of us of the image that you wish to use to feature on your cover.

Selecting your shortlist of photos

You will receive an automated email containing a link to an additional version of you web gallery that will contain all of your wedding photos (in both colour and black and white)

Here you will then be able you to select your chosen photos that you would like to go in your album.

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In order to highlight your selected or favourite images, you will need to click on the heart icon on those particular images (please note that when you click on the heart icon, it will then change colour to pink to indicate that it has been selected).

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You may select the heart icon through either viewing the images one by one in full screen mode, and or on the thumbnails view (just hover your mouse over the images, and you will then notice that a black transparent box appears at the bottom containing multiple icons, of which you will see the heart amongst them).

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You can at any point review all the photos that you have added by clicking on the review icon.

This icon looks like this below.

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Once you're then happy with your selection of photos (remember we recommend selecting up to 60 if your album is 20 pages, or 90 if you have a 30 page album!), all you need to do next is drop us an email to confirm that you've finished your shortlist.

From there, we shall then review your favourites and use these to create an album layout.

Once a layout has been designed, we will then email you an online proof to review and approve.

If you have any questions, and or anything doesn't make any sense, then please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Good luck compiling your shortlists!