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Portrait Photography Pricing

Our Portrait Photography services cover a host of different styles for many requirements.

We have the facility to shoot studio portraits, whether that be against white/black/coloured backdrops.

We also cater for location based photo shoots, using the great outdoors as our playground, this can open the endless possibilities for lifestyle based portraits - ideal for young families with children.

So whether you're looking for portraits of your newborn baby, your toddler, your family and or even maybe of your maternity bump - we can assist .

Vibrant portrait of a young girl wearing a bonnet hat
Young boy lifestyle portrait
Newborn baby girl wearing a bear hat

Studio Prices

Weekday = £30*
Weekend = £50*

Weekday = £50*
Weekend = £90*

Location Prices

Weekday = £75*
Weekend = £110*

Prices above allow for travel within a 5 mile radius of our studio - anything further will liable to incurring travel expenses.

Newborn Prices

(Sessions generally will range anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on baby) 
Weekdays only = £100*

*Should you wish to purchase any wall art products from us, we will refund £30 from your sitting fee to go against any such purchases of a framed product over the value of £250 (Albums are also included)

Sitting fees cover both the photo shoot session and the viewing meeting afterwards - please note that they do not include any prints or products.


Our Aim

Our clients come to us to create beautiful portraits that they want to proudly display in frames and wall art products within their homes.

We believe that such portraits are an investment in your memories of your family, and they should quite rightly be preserved and shown off in all their splendour for all to see.

Once your family grows and fly the nest, these portraits and products will stand the test of time and serve as an ongoing reminder of your fond memories from that period of your lives.

We now live in a predominantly digital world, physical printing and displaying of our family portraits are at an all-time low. Images get buried on devices, cloud services and on forgotten disks in the drawer.  We think this is such a sad shame.

As your photographer, we want to provide you not only with beautiful composed and captured images but also a physical end product that you will be able to look at within your home, every single day for the rest of your lives.

The Process

We offer two session lengths for most generic portrait shoots: 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Generally these are sufficient for most cases (with the exception of newborn baby photography is the only exception, and you will be able to find details on this below along with the other pricing structures).

Following on after the photo shoot and the photos have been edited, you will be invited back to review the captured photographs at the viewing meeting. 

The viewing meeting will then allow you to make a decision on what images you would like to purchase, along with any such products.

Our Products

All our products are made of high-end materials and produced by trade-only suppliers, they make stunning features in a home and are a true family investment of your memories that will last a lifetime.

Please be reassured that these are not cheap or mass produced products that can be purchased from the high street.

All our prints and products are produced by professional photographic labs and suppliers, all of whom work using our specific colour profiles which ensure that colour reproduction and quality is completely reproduced as was edited and desired by us the photographer.

We encourage you to visit our studio to have a look at our products for yourself rather than take our word for it!

Please do drop us a line if you have any questions and or indeed would like to view our products for yourself.