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Details Wedding Photography

This is the more understated side of all three styles that we offer, however we firmly believe that it is just as important.

When we photograph a wedding, yes our main goal is to capture the emotion, the celebration, and the story of the day.

In addition to that, and in order to complete the visual story-telling of the big day we will look to photograph a whole host of details throughout your event.

This will range from the wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, rings, flowers, cake right through to the smaller elements such as favors; these might all be things that don't mean much to anyone else, but you've most likely spent a lot of time and effort in planning these and there will be personal reasons as to why you chose such items. We naturally therefore like to capture snapshots of these so that you can look back and remember them long after they've gone.

Our packages cover all three styles of photography; formal, informal and details.

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